Temporary Cash Assistance For Needy Families in Fredericktown, MO

Temporary Cash Assistance For Needy Families Service Locations in Fredericktown, MO

You can submit your TANF application to a local FDS Center (Family Support Division). We provide locations and hours of these offices below. A face-to-face interview is not required before the Family Support Division (FSD) processes the application. For more information or to check the status of your application, please contact us at (855) 373-4636.

Fredericktown Resource Center

413 Burris Street
Fredericktown, MO - 63645
(855) 373-4636
This location is a Family Support Division Resource Center and does not offer any face-to-face interview. Interviews are not required in order to apply.
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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